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FELCO 210A-50

Prix normal
CHF 125.00
Prix normal
Prix de vente
CHF 125.00
Diamètre de coupe35 mm
Longueur500 mm
Poids735 g
Fabriqué en Suisse
Informations sur le produit
Experience precise and efficient pruning with the FELCO 210A-50 two-hand pruning shear. Its curved cutting head and lightweight aluminum handles make it easy to achieve clean cuts. Crafted with high-quality hardened steel, this tool ensures durability and precise pruning every time. Plus, its shock absorbers and non-slip coating provide comfortable handling, protecting your wrists and arms. Opt for the FELCO 210A-50 for a reliable, ergonomic pruning experience.
CUP: 783929100531
Attributs de performance
Type d'outil: Dérivation de jeunes branches
Diamètre de coupe: 35 mm
Longueur (nette): 500 mm
Profondeur (nette): 3 mm
Poids (net): 0,735 kg
Profondeur (brute): 3 mm
Poids (brut): 0,946 kg

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