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R 4,571.00
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R 4,571.00
Cutting diameter40 mm
Length800 mm
Weight1335 g
If, for whatever reason, you feel that using a FELCO two hand tool is beyond your physical capabilities then the lightweight FELCO 220 lopper is your ideal entry point into the world of larger diameter pruning. This lopper has an innovative gearing system which acts as a force multiplier. However, all you really need to know is that this makes cutting almost effortless; which also makes this pair the perfect choice to cut large diameter (40mm / 1.57 inches) branches from the ground or at height. 
Made in Switzerland
Product information
You’re struggling to balance precariously at the top of a ladder; there’s a dense and twisted mass of branches inches from your face, and it’s only the start of a long day’s pruning… With space at a premium and muscles that are already tense, the tool you choose has to earn the right. The FELCO 220 lopper is the only tool you’ll want for company. Comfortable to hold, extremely powerful and lightweight; the well-protected gearing system delivers 65% more cutting force to make light work of branches up to 40 mm / 1.57 inches. Combining with an efficient curved cutting head, that holds wood steady, you’ll feel more stable no matter how far off the ground your pruning takes you. Reach for new heights with more power using the FELCO 220 lopper. 
UPC: 783929100623
Performance attributes
Tool type: Bypass young branches
Cutting diameter: 40 mm
Length (net): 800 mm
Depth (net): 3.2 mm
Weight (net): 1.335 kg
Depth (gross): 4.5 mm
Weight (gross): 1.7375 kg
Softgrip indication: Yes

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