Felco Elite

Redefining Professional Pruning Shears


Elevating the Felco cutting experience

Personal protection equipment

FELCO expands its Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Range

  • The constant pursuit of excellence.

    FELCO’s objectives have always been to offer innovative and sustainable pruning and cutting solutions. This perpetual quest for excellence drives us to produce high-quality tools that meet the standards of both professional and private users. We continuously strive to enhance the performance of our tools that are not only designed for efficiency but also to inspire confidence and satisfaction in their use.

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  • Sustainability and repairability.

    Tomorrow began as long ago as 1945, when Félix Flisch established the company's values: quality, reliability, and sustainability. Today, more than ever, these values are at the heart of FELCO's success and commitment. Carrying on the founder's philosophy, FELCO is committed to satisfying the needs of today's users without compromising those of future generations. The robustness of our tools and the availability of spare parts contribute to their longevity, thus avoiding unnecessary waste.

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  • A vision, objectives, and values.

    Since 1945, FELCO has been a pioneer in the pruning and cutting tools industry. Our vision is to remain a trusted partner for professionals and enthusiasts worldwide, driven by our commitment to quality, innovation, respect, reparability, durability and professionalism. We foster long-term employment, loyalty, versatility, and social responsibility.

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