FELCO is pleased to support African Women Rising (AWR), a small nonprofit organization active in Uganda to empower women after war by providing technical skills and support for success via education, agriculture, and microfinance training.

Twenty years of war destroyed the agricultural capacity of Northern Uganda. Knowledge was lost, crops and animals were stolen, and land abandoned. As the primary producers of food, women bore the brunt of the conflict.

In today’s post-conflict environment, most of African Women Rising women rely on agriculture as their main source of income and livelihood. An entire generation lost their agricultural skills. More than teaching techniques, AWR’s Resilience Design Field Crop and Permagarden programs are about sharing the principles behind water and soil management and developing a contextual understanding to design a system to be as productive and regenerative as possible.

FELCO is providing AWR’s programs with agricultural tools to ease and improve crop maintenance. “FELCO is proud to support the vision and dedication of African Women Rising to improve the livelihood of women by empowering them after war through sustainable agricultural programs,” says Stephan Kopietzki, CCO of FELCO. “This small nonprofit strives to make a big impact; we are pleased if FELCO tools can provide assistance achieving this goal”.

AWR’s programs are built around participatory approaches designed to maximize exposure to practical lessons. The programs last for one year and follow the seasonal cropping cycle so that farmers can immediately implement what they learn.


The FELCO tools will be used for Permagarden Program whose goal is to increase access to diverse and nutritious sources and adequate quantities of vegetables and fruit throughout the year.

We are pleased that a company like FELCO supports our activities and provides the best tools to develop our agricultural programs,” said Thomas Cole, co-Founder of African Women Rising. “Being a long-time user of FELCO, I know the importance of ergonomics and efficient tools in crop maintenance”.

The method shows how farmers with only a small amount of land can produce food throughout the year by learning principles behind proper gardening and resource management and matching those principles to basic practices. The project outcomes and long-term impact have broad ramifications and include increased soil fertility, increased crop yields, better diet and nutritional intake, increased income for participants and increased access to healthcare and schooling.


African Women Rising

Founded in 2006 in Santa Barbara USA African Women Rising works in partnership with community-based groups to improve the lives of women in post-conflict areas of Africa. Rooted in the conviction that women should be active stakeholders in defining their own development strategies, African Women Rising builds on initiatives that the women themselves have started.


The permagarden method combines components of permaculture- an agricultural approach using design principles to utilize natural systems for production- and bio-intensive agriculture- an agricultural approach that maximizes crop production through sustainable practices that increase biodiversity- to create a highly productive garden and homestead compound. It is designed to work in both the rainy and dry seasons and is a whole compound approach that improves soil fertility and water management to produce nutritious crops.