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Swiss knife FELCO, 10 functions, incl. screwdriver and saw

The FELCO 506 pocket knife is the consummate all-rounder. It is invaluable must-carry tool with ten functions to let you safely cut, saw, screw, open, tweak, extract, and bend wherever you live, work or seek adventure, it is equipped to take everything in its stride. The FELCO 506 compact strength and efficiency are underlined by a safety system that locks the blade and is released by simply pressing a button. All-round also means inclusive. It’s rare for right and left-handers to feel equally blessed but the ingenious slot opening of the FELCO 506 ensures harmony in any situation.

110g</br>0.24lb 110g
95mm</br>3.7inch 95mm


There’s no mystery as to why the FELCO 506 pocket knife will become your constant outdoor companion at work or leisure. Ten functions make it a vital ally whether you need to respond immediately to a task, or your regular tools are not close to hand. The 75mm saw blade has highly-efficient teeth which limit the number of strokes required as you make short work of an unexpected cut. Equally guaranteed to impress are the tweezers, the ultra-sharp knife blade, two flat-blade screwdrivers, Phillips head screwdriver, and the bottle and can openers. A clever slot for opening the blade and a locking system that removes any safety concerns, make the case for outstanding performance perfectly clear. A “soft-touch” handle and the ergonomic shape give superior grip that is evident in an instant. We can’t deny that occasionally washing your knife in a dishwasher also makes life a bit easier. However, a quick look at our maintenance advice should soon help dispel any concerns you may have.

Technical specifications

  • Pocket knife with ten functions
  • Strong 75mm blade in stainless steel (440/57 HRC) with safety lock
  • 75mm saw with optimised profile to avoid binding and high-efficiency teeth to limit the number of strokes required
  • Blade and tools with slots for both right and left-handed users
  • Compact design with robust steel plates
  • Machine-polished metal surfaces for a perfect finish
  • Scratch-resistant soft touch handle
  • Tweezers with bevelled tips for greater precision
  • Universal bottle opener
  • Can opener
  • Notch for bending wires
  • No. 1 flat-blade screwdriver
  • No. 3 flat-blade screwdriver
  • No. 3 Phillips head screwdriver
  • Phthalate-free non-slip handle*
  • Made in Switzerland

* Phthalates are known to be potential endocrine disruptors. FELCO has been producing phthalate-free products since 2015

Product benefits

  • The compact, modern design not only makes the FELCO 506 pocket knife look good but easy to use for even the smallest of hands
  • A pocket knife for everyone that is as efficient and comfortable to use whether you are right or left-handed
  • The ergonomic curved shape reduces wrist strain and delivers a firm grip for confident and convenient cutting regardless of the task
  • A scratch-resistant “soft touch” handle gives a pleasant feel that ensures continual use remains comfortable
  • Direct and easy access to tools lets you react quickly to any requirement
  • Maximum safety is achieved thanks to a system that locks the blade in the open position
  • Unlock the blade by pressing the well-placed cross on the tool’s handle to quickly move on to another task
  • The strong stainless steel slotted-blade and tools provide for easier opening when speed and functionality are your priority
  • A 75mm saw with high-efficiency teeth to limit the number of strokes required is invaluable in situations where a small cut is an immediate requirement
  • No. 1 Phillips head along with the No.1 and No. 3 flat-blade screwdrivers provide a convenient choice of fixing to match the requirements of the job 
  • The notch for bending wire is handy for when you need to tidy up your work, access a task, or when you need to achieve the right visual finish
  • Tweezers with bevelled tips offer greater precision for extraction from tight locations
  • A universal bottle opener and a can opener to easily open bottles and can when in the field
  • The FELCO 506 pocket knife may also be washed occasionally in a dishwasher for the height of convenience
  • Enjoy comfortable and safe operation with the non-slip phthalate-free handle*
  • Red handle underlines our heritage while acting as a convenient beacon, so you can always find your FELCO tool in any environment

*Phthalates are known to be potential endocrine disruptors. FELCO has been producing phthalate-free products since 2015

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