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Μπαταρία Li-Ion 36 V | 2.7 Ah | 97.2 Wh

The FELCO 880/195 battery is compact, lightweight and fits perfectly inside the FELCO 882 Power Pack carrying system to power current and previous generations of FELCO electronic pruning shears.

The FELCO 880/195 battery uses Lithium-Ion technology, it has up to 25% more autonomy than the previous generation and can be quickly recharged in 90 minutes.

825g</br>1.82lb 825g
155mm</br>6.1inch 155mm


The FELCO 880/195 Lithium-Ion battery delivers power for a day of pruning. Most pruning jobs require a FELCO 880/195 single capacity battery, however, depending on the hardness and diameter of the branches you cut, a double capacity battery, the FELCO 880/194 is available for intensive and heavy-duty pruning. 

Τεχνικές προδιαγραφές

  • Lithium-Ion battery to power FELCO electronic pruning shears, fits easily into the FELCO 882 Power Pack
  • Compatible with current and previous generations of FELCO Power Packs and electronic pruning shears
  • Up to 25% longer autonomy vs previous generation
  • Compact and lightweight at only 825g / 1.8lbs
  • Fast charging, takes 90 minutes maximum to reach 100% power with a FELCO charger, follow the user guide and safety instructions while using, charging and storing
  • LED light-up display directly on battery to quickly and easily check battery charge level
  • Integrated battery management system to optimise performance and prolong life

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