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Μήκος κονταριού FELCO 880/100-100: 1 m (3 ft)

Pruning at height is now easier with the FELCO extension poles for FELCO electronic pruning shears. This is an essential accessory for pruning at heights in arboriculture, landscaping, forestry and maintaining parks and gardens. Two models in 1M / 3ft or 1.5M / 4ft lengths provide a choice of length to easily and safely prune at height with FELCO electronic pruning shears.

1.100kg</br>2.43lb 1.100kg
1000mm</br>39.4inch 1000mm


FELCO extension poles for FELCO electronic pruning shears make pruning at height easier and safer in any environment such as: arboriculture, landscaping, forestry and park and garden maintenance. 

FELCO extension poles are compatible with the new and the previous generation of FELCO electronic pruning shears. Plug your FELCO electronic pruning shears into the end of extension pole, close the metal clasp, connect the power cord, turn on the power, press the trigger and start pruning at height, it’s that quick and simple.

FELCO extension poles are made from lightweight aluminium, in 1M / 3ft or 1.5M / 4ft lengths, they covered in a comfortable soft touch grip on the pole and handle. The handle has an end bumper to prevent damage if dropped. A retractable hook can assist to pull down cut branches. With FELCO extension poles, you can now get even more performance out of your FELCO electronic pruning shears when pruning at heights.

Τεχνικές προδιαγραφές

  • Pruning at heights is safer, easier and more comfortable with FELCO extension poles
  • Available in 2 lengths of 1M / 3ft and 1.5M / 4ft to meet various pruning height requirements
  • Extension poles can be used with all 3 current FELCO electronic pruning shears (802, 812, 822) and the previous generations (801, 811, 820)
  • Quickly and easily plug your FELCO electronic pruning shears into the extension pole, connect the power cord and start pruning, no special tools or extra components required
  • Same progressive trigger and semi-opening mode available on the FELCO extension pole as on FELCO electronic pruning shears
  • Lightweight aluminium pole and handle are covered in soft touch, non-slip, phthalate-free material
  • Made using 100% renewable energy

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