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Special Application | Cut & hold roses and flowers pruning shear

Proving that there is a FELCO tool for every task, the FELCO 100 picking snips are an ingenious development on the celebrated FELCO 11 shears and solve a problem that anyone who cuts flowers will instantly recognise. How many times have you selected - then cut a stem with trademark FELCO precision, only for it to slip from your grasp and onto the ground? The FELCO 100 features a combination of two flat jaws that are fixed to the blade and the counter blade. This efficient innovation holds the stem safely, preventing damage to the flower.

10mm</br>0.39inch 10mm
255g</br>0.56lb 255g
210mm</br>8.3inch 210mm
Large hand Large hand


If you pick roses or other flowers, the FELCO 100 picking snips are the solution you’ve been looking for. It’s probably familiar… no matter how careful you are – especially when reaching to cut an awkward stem – flowers once cut, often fall to the ground. Apart from being annoying, the damage costs you time and money. The FELCO 100 is defined by the specially designed device bolted to its cutting head that holds the stem after you’ve made a cut, delivering a new-found sense of control and speed. As an adaptation of the FELCO 11 model, the FELCO 100 is - as to be expected - an impeccable combination of comfort and clean-cutting precision. The dual opening positions ensures the tool can be adjusted for the job and your hands.  


  • $4.75
    2/91 Kit: 2 springs
  • $8.18
    2/93 Shock absorber assembly
  • $11.87
    6/90 Kit: bolt and nut
  • $8.97
    6/94 Kit: bolt/nut
  • $6.60
    100/92 Kit: complete thumb catch assembly with plate, shock absorber
  • $15.83
    100/95 Stem holders for blade and counter blade with screws
  • $0.53
    2/5B Blade rivet
  • $5.01
    2/9 Toothed nut
  • $3.83
    2/10 Bushing
  • $2.77
    2/11 Nickel plated spring
  • $2.24
    2/12 Thumb catch
  • $0.53
    2/13 Thumb catch spring washer
  • $0.66
    2/14 Thumb catch screw
  • $1.72
    2/16 Toothed segment
  • $0.92
    2/18 Bumper
  • $0.53
    2/19 Crimped ring
  • $0.92
    2/20 Shock absorber
  • $5.54
    2/35 Blade handle grip
  • $5.41
    2/36 Counter blade handle grip
  • $2.51
    6/6 Counter blade screw
  • $2.51
    6/7 Screw for toothed segment
  • $5.80
    6/8 Bolt
  • $12.93
    11/2 Complete handle assembly without counter blade
  • $0.53
    30/6 Screw for anvil 4 mm
  • $19.79
    100/1 Complete handle assembly without blade
  • $15.83
    100/3 Blade
  • $18.87
    100/4 Counter blade with screw
  • $2.24
    100/15 Base plate
  • $8.71
    100/36 Stem holder for counter blade
  • $8.71
    100/37 Stem holder for blade
  • $0.53
    2/30 Adjustment key
Kit: 2 springs
2x 2/11

Technical specifications

  • Pruning shears / secateurs with flower-picking system
  • Designed for right-handed pruning
  • Suitable for all hand sizes
  • Bypass pruning shears / secateurs
  • Handles in forged aluminium with lifetime guarantee
  • Jaws in forged aluminium with lifetime guarantee
  • Blade and counter blade constructed of hardened steel
  • Screw-mounted counter blade for easy replacement
  • Blade with wire cutting notch
  • Counter blade with sap groove
  • Locking segment nut for easy adjustment of cutting head
  • Tool adjustment key included for cutting head and closing lock
  • Phthalate-free non-slip handle grips*
  • All parts replaceable**
  • Made in Switzerland using 100% renewable energy

* Phthalates are known to be potential endocrine disruptors. FELCO has been producing phthalate-free products since 2015

** See inside packaging card or on specific product page on

Product benefits

  • The rugged and extreme reliability of the FELCO 100 – due to the forged aluminium and hardened steel construction - ensures you can approach any pruning job with confidence
  • Unique blade-fixed, flat jaw stem-holding system ensures you can pick roses and other flowers without damage
  • Two opening positions allow for small or big cuts so that you can maintain cutting speed regardless
  • Easily adjust the cutting head for a clean and precise cut that promotes quick healing of the pruning wound
  • Enjoy comfortable and safe pruning with the ergonomic cushioned grips and non-slip phthalate-free handle coating*
  • The sap groove reduces clogging which keeps the blades moving freely and improves cutting efficiency
  • The wire cutting notch in the blade provides for every eventuality and avoids the temptation to risk blunting your tool
  • Keep cutting for longer as rubber shock absorbers increase your handling comfort and reduce fatigue
  • The quick and easy blade change is safe, secure and ensures you can always get on with the job
  • Rely on FELCO proprietary heat treating and hardening know-how to provide you with a long lasting ultra-sharp cutting edge
  • The adjustable closing lock makes for safe pick up and transit wherever your pruning takes you
  • If you value sustainability as much as we do, you’ll want to keep your FELCO 100 shears in premium condition and minimise waste in using a tool where all parts - from the blade and spring to the smallest screw - are replaceable  
  • Red handles underline our heritage while acting as a convenient beacon, so you can always find your FELCO tool in any environment
  • Their manufacture in Switzerland using renewable energy makes them a powerful advocate of our philosophy of harmony of use, while in harmony with nature

*Phthalates are known to be potential endocrine disruptors. FELCO has been producing phthalate-free products since 2015

Product & Maintenance Tips


It is advisable to clean your tool after each use. If your tool is particularly dirty or subject to rusting after exposure to moisture, do not delay cleaning.


After cleaning, it is advisable to oil the tool so as to protect it from corrosion. The oil will also unjam the tool.


It is advisable to sharpen your tool at least once a day, but if you feel that your tool is not cutting as well as usual, sharpen it right away!


It is advisable to dismantle your tool on a regular basis, but at the very latest when it appears to be jammed.

Changing the anvil-blade

When the blade and anvil-blade no longer cross and the anvil-blade is badly damaged, it is advisable to change it.

Changing the blade

When the blade and the anvil-blade no longer cross, or when the blade is badly damaged, it is advisable to change it. Regulate the working of the blade and anvil-blade by adjusting the tightening of the nut. The blade should rub against the anvil-blade o

Changing the shock absorber

When the tool closes too abruptly during pruning, and the cushion is in good condition, the shock absorber should be changed.

Changing the thumb catch

When the thumb catch is damaged and loosens when used, even when the screw is readjusted, change it.

Changing the plastic coatings for handles

If the coatings are badly damaged, you can replace them. Soak the coatings for 2 minutes in boiling water - recommended glue: Loctite 415.

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