FELCO expands its Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Range

FELCO expands its Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Range

Everything you need for your confort

FELCO is proud to announce the expansion of its Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) range with four innovative products designed to enhance safety and comfort for professionals and amateurs in the field.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) plays a pivotal role in pruning and gardening, safeguarding both professional landscapers and home gardeners alike. In this green and vibrant world, the importance of PPE cannot be overstated. Gardening involves a myriad of tasks that may expose individuals to various risks, from sharp tools and thorny plants to kneeling on hard surfaces for extended periods. PPE, such as gloves, knee pads, and other protective gear, offers a vital layer of defense, reducing the likelihood of injuries and ensuring comfort during long hours of work.

The right protection for every job

With these 4 new products, FELCO strengthens its PPE range and can meet the needs of professionals and demanding home gardeners. The FELCO 704 High Cut Resistant gloves have been developed to prevent risks of light cuts when pruning with a manual FELCO pruning shear or pull-stroke saw, while the FELCO 705 Rose Gloves are crafted to meet the needs of the modern gardener. These gloves are meticulously designed to offer a thorn resistance for rose gardening and more enjoyable gardening experience.

Tested and trusted by professionals such as vineyard pruners and landscapers, the FELCO 711 knee pads are made for all-day comfort and support. The FELCO 712 kneeling pad provides cushioning comfort and knee protection for static kneeling situations. Easy to transport and hang for storage, the FELCO 712 is great as a garden kneeler or for work around the house.

Products specifications

FELCO 704 Gloves - Ultimate Hand Protection

  • FELCO 704 gloves are expertly designed to prevent the risk of light cuts when using FELCO manual pruning shears or pull-stroke saws.
  • Featuring a soft and durable synthetic leather palm that provides an excellent grip.
  • Mesh lined with high cut-resistant fibers to protect the top of your fingers.
  • Elastic and flexible neoprene backing and breathable mesh on the thumb ensure comfort and breathability.
  • These gloves are designed to offer protection against minor physical and mechanical hazards.

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FELCO 705 Gloves - Premium Puncture Resistance

  • FELCO 705 gloves are crafted from top-grain cow leather, processed to be soft, flexible, and robust.
  • The gauntlet cuff, made from genuine cow leather suede, protects the forearm from thorns.
  • An elastic closure at the wrist provides a comfortable fit, and the nylon strap with a buckle ensures that the cuff will stay securely in place.
  • These gloves also provide intermediate protection against minor physical and mechanical hazards and are compliant with REACH, Chrome 6, and Prop 65 standards.

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FELCO 711 Knee Pads - Unmatched Comfort and Durability

  • Designed for professional vine pruners and landscapers, these knee pads are known for their high-performance features and outstanding comfort.
  • The FELCO 711 knee pads have two straps for a better fit. A top strap with Comfort Hinge Technology keeps the strap higher on the leg so you walk out in front of the knee pad, while the large lower breathable neoprene strap securely maintains the knee pad in place so that the knee pad does not slide down out of position.
  • Gel foam and EVA foam provide lightweight cushioning for all-day comfort.
  • Slip-resistant, ultra-durable 420D nylon-rubber soft caps keep you securely in place during tasks even on wet or slippery surfaces.

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FELCO 712 Kneeling Pad - Exceptional Comfort for Gardeners

  • Designed and tested with professional pruners and landscapers, this kneeling pad is a must-have for all-purpose and home gardening.
  • Made from high-density NBR foam rubber that won't compress over time, the FELCO 712 kneeling pad offers long-lasting protection against hard surfaces.
  • Water and petroleum resistant, it ensures dry comfort even on wet surfaces.
  • Lightweight with a built-in handle for convenient transport and storage.
  • Textured top and bottom surfaces provide grip to prevent knees from sliding around.

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These four new additions to the FELCO PPE range exemplify FELCOs commitment to providing top-quality, innovative, and reliable products to professionals in the field of pruning and landscaping. With FELCO, you can trust that safety and comfort are at top of priorities.