Care sets FELCO

These new sets from FELCO are a solution for a frequently asked question by FELCO end-users : "I have one shear why do I need two springs?" Each set contains one blade, spring and adjustment key for specified tool. This allows for the full replacement of the most common FELCO replaceable parts.

FELCO 70th Anniversary Tool

FELCO celebrated in 2015 its 70th anniversary with this very limited edition tool combining exceptional craftsmanship and technology. Order your 70th anniversary tool online now before stocks run out!

Beware of FELCO copies!

Original FELCO pruners are made of the highest quality and due to our proprietary manufacturing process can never be truly copied.

Buy original FELCO tools

from the official FELCO USA online store

FELCO 910+

The FELCO 910+ will join our holster assortment being FELCO's first holster with accessory pocket. This product allows for the carry of both a FELCO pruner and FELCO 903 or 902 sharpening stone on the hip.

The perfect set...

With a pruning shear, a saw and a holster

The pruning shear will let you prune branches up to 1 in. but keeping your saw within reach in the holster you will also cut larger diameters.

Increase your productivity on small cuts

FELCO 2/92B, also called 2/95 is a kit to upgrade your pruner's thumb catch and get an extra half-opening setting on FELCO 2, FELCO 6, FELCO 7, FELCO 8, FELCO 11, FELCO 12 and FELCO 13.

Spare Parts set FELCO apart

Even the finest pruning tools wear over time, but did you know that all parts of all FELCO models can be replaced?